It’s definitely true that every era has had its own recreational substance which has helped define the culture and counterculture of the period. Think of the Roaring Twenties, and it’s the bootleg liquor that spilled across the streets of Chicago and Manhattan as well as the lives of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker stories. Think of the Swinging Sixties, and it’s marijuana and a whole host of other in vogue substances that informed the artistry and mindset of Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and countless other artists. Today, it’s vape, and it is quickly becoming king of the hill.

Then there are the iconic ways in which certain substances are consumed. You can likely imagine all kinds of different elegant drinking glasses, from wide-brimmed wine goblets to robust cocktail glasses to elegant champagne flutes and so much more. You can just as easily connect a long smoking pipe with Sherlock Holmes, or chic black cigarette holder with the likes of Holly Golightly a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

These items are iconic for a reason – and so too are vape pens quick becoming the iconic way to consume vape.

Here’s what you can expect when ordering a top-quality vape pen in Australia.

Elegant Shape and Usefulness

Perhaps the biggest selling point of a vape pen is its very shapeliness. There’s just something sleek and chic about vape pens, which are evocative of old-fashioned cigarette holders without the downsides of those old-fashioned items. Vape pens are smaller, more compact, and rather than holding smoldering cigarettes that can leave ash everywhere, they host vape fluid, which can be consumed at your leisure without fear of it getting everywhere.

This is down to the storage chamber for e-fluids and atomizer inside the unit, which is used to ignite the fluid in such a way as to allow you to vape.

All of this makes for a product that’s easy to hold, store, and use. When it is combined with that sleek design, it’s no wonder why vape pens are fast becoming one of the most substantial accessories for users of the substance.

Affordable Prices

Yet another reason behind vape pens’ popularity? While high end old-fashioned tobacco pipes can be quite costly, there are a wide range of vape pens on the market, most of which are quite affordable. Even the most high end of units tends to be quite affordable. As such, you can look into and buy different vape pens, and you will not have to worry about it costing too much when you buy them from the best and most trusted sellers.

Order a vape pen that’s as instantly iconic as it is easy to use with the best makers and sellers of vape pens in Australia.